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Assembly Rooms

Assembly Rooms 1 and 2 are divided by an accordion partition that can slide open to join the rooms into one large, flexible space with a capacity of 60 participants. Individually, each room seats 30.

Assembly Room 2 has a hidden rear projection screen for slide shows, films, and videos with a video projector. The projection screen is effective for both day and night viewing.

Variable lighting is available in both spaces, which can be arranged for a variety of functions. Windows that stretch to the ceiling include panes that can be opened to the outdoors.

Assembly Room 1 & 2, with partition wall opened.

Setup for dining. The upright piano can be seen in the far corner.

Special event setup. This setup used a standard projection screen; however, a rear projection screen is available in a concealed cabinet behind the paneled wall.

Assembly Room 1 with standard layout and partition closed. Seen in this layout is a rolling whiteboard.

Assembly Room 2 with standard layout and partition closed. Room 2 sits on the corner of the building and so is windowed on two sides. A rolling whiteboard can be seen at the left of the image.

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