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News for the Common Good
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2014 Year-End Selections

Most Popular Resources of 2014

Rank   Title NCG Issue
1   How Do Other Clergy Use Their Time? 7/9/2014
2   The 8 Bad Habits of Church Communications 8/6/2014
3   Dos and Don't for Attracting Young People to Church 8/20/2014
4   The 4 Habits of Effective Mainline Congregations 8/6/2014
5   Apply for Collegeville Writing Workshops 2/19/2014
5   Why ELSE are Millenials less religious? 3/5/2014
7   What You Know About Millennials is Wrong 4/30/2014
8   "You Can Run Through That Nest Egg So Quickly." 7/9/2014
8   Refusing to Visit a Teen with Autism? 7/23/2014
8   Barbara Brown Taylor on Oprah [Video] 11/26/2014
11   What Do Lay People Want in Pastors? 6/11/2014
12   13 Telltale Signs of an HR Problem in Your Congregation 8/20/2014
13   Why "Nones" Leave 1/22/2014
13   Designing Your Worship Space? Listen to Millennials 12/10/2014
15   The Best Idea That Nobody Adopts 10/29/2014
16   Are You Between 60-70 Years Old? 6/25/2014
16   "Here are the Keys. We're Tired." 7/23/2014
18   Insights Into Executive Thinking 4/30/2014
19   Preachers: Why Does Anyone Listen to You? 11/26/2014
20   Are Consumer Brands Replacing Religion? 2/5/2014
20   Why Desegregation Remains an Elusive Goal for Congregations 3/5/2014
20   Quiz: Will You Need Long-Term Care 3/19/2014
20   Pew Report on Institutional Detachment: Millenials in Adulthood 3/19/2014


Other Editor's Choices of 2014

Responses to Grand Jury Decisions

This synopsis of MCC members' statements following the grand jury decisions in Ferguson, MO and Staten Island, NY, provide a good sense of the diversity of responses within Mainline Protestantism to a flashpoint in race relations in the United States.

Gamifying Spirituality

Game design is being applied to all sorts of disciplines as the video gaming industry prepares to surpass Hollywood in size. This article highlights one congregation's practical application of gaming principles to their spiritual life.

How to Be an Anticipatory Leader

Technical leadership, Adaptive leadership, Agile leadership: Move aside. The real need in organizations in the 21st century is for leaders who can anticipate change that has not yet happened to produce new and radically different ways of meeting their organizations' goals.

Know About Consumer Trends to Reach People

Trendcasters are useful for congregational leaders to follow because they often point in the direction of where a congregation's future interests may lie. The leader who can weave existing congregational passions with consumer trends that might resonate with those passions could design and implement a successful ministry that brings more people into relationship with God.

The African-American Lectionary

While the project ended in 2013, the African-American Lectionary remains a valuable resource for congregational leaders of all ethnicities until 2016, when it will be taken down. Exploring sermon illustrations or commentaries that inform how the black church preaches about, say, Epiphany or Ash Wednesday can help non-black pastors and congregants develop empathy and fellow-feeling for their African-American brothers and sisters in Christ.


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