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Developmental disabilities are a diverse group of conditions that are due to mental and/or physical impairments. People with developmental disabilities have problems with major life activities such as language, mobility, learning, self-help, and independent living. Developmental disabilities begin anytime during development up to 22 years of age and usually last throughout a person’s lifetime. Developmental disabilities may include: mental retardation, Down’s Syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, autism.

There are special county services available to people with developmental disabilities, including:

–Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver services provide funds to teach life skills in the home and community.
–Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals Waiver (CADI)
–Community Alternative Care Waiver (CAC)
–Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver (TBI)
–Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS): for those who want to hire, train, and supervise their own staff, write their own plans, and have more flexibility to purchase generic community supports. To be eligible, you must be open to Medical Assistance and open to a waiver program. –Consumer Support Grant (CSG): For people who are eligible for Medical Assistance or Medical Assistance Home Care Services but are not on a Medical Assistance (MA) waiver. A person can receive funding from the CSG and use that money to purchase services in their home and community –Various residential and vocational service options are available to adults with developmental disabilities: Day Training and Habilitation (DTH) Adult Day Care
–Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Mental Retardation (ICF-MR) Foster Care
–Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS)
–Supported Living Services (SLS)
–Consumer-Controlled Housing and Apartment Training Programs
–Transition Services: from age 18 to 21. This is a busy time for families. They must complete applications for Social Security, prepare to make a move from school to work, select vocational or other programs, participate in a complete guardianship assessment, and learn about the supports and services available to an adult. At age 18, any person is considered a competent adult unless a petition is filed for guardianship or limited guardianship in probate court or conservatorship.

To qualify for special services, refugees need to have documentation of the developmental disability. Dr. Todd Sigler and Dr. Mark Schuler, Ph.D are two psychologists who can provide that testing and are familiar with the refugee population (see below for more information).

Sherry Berde at Ramsey County Social Services and Hennepin County Services can assist you with obtaining services for any refugees with developmental disabilities (more information below).

Help Me Grow

Help Me Grow Ramsey County is the “central intake” office for children age birth-5 when there is a concern regarding their development. The early intervention evaluation team assesses children as necessary to determine eligibility for early intervention services. 1-866-693-GROW (4769) … Continue reading

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Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance

Provides help for people who are disabled as a result of traumatic brain injury. Services include: Resource Facilitation services, which provide personal one-on-one connection to information and resources Case management for individuals on TBI or CADI waivers Chantel Harpole conducts … Continue reading

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Ramsey County Developmental Disabilities

For eligibility information, contact: Sherry Berde, Ramsey County Social Services, Developmental Disabilities, 651-266-4458

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Dr. Mark Schuler, Ph.D

  612-435-0413                                                                             … Continue reading

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Hennepin County Developmental Disabilities

Hennepin County Services

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Outreach Counseling and Consulting Services

Outreach Counseling and Consulting Services, Inc 4105 Lexington Ave. N. Suite 230, Arden Hills, MN 55126 Contact: 651-481-0664 Description of Services: OCCS consists of experienced licensed psychologists, clinical social workers and marriage and family therapists. They offer services to adults, … Continue reading

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