Rise, Incorporated

Corporate Office:
8406 Sunset Road NE
Spring Lake Park, MN 55432

Various other locations throughout the metro area

Tel: 763-786-8334
Fax: 763-786-0008


Rise offers several types of programs for  those with serious and persistent mental health issues. Programs are listed below. Because RISE has a refugee employment program, they are familiar with cross-cultural issues.

Eligibility requirements for Refugee employment program (Pathways for Refugees): on MFIP and living in Ramsey or Hennepin Counties

Refugee Employment Services are located at: Rise Pathways, 3708 Nicollet Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota 55409. Call: 612.872.7720 email: nly@rise.org


For those who live in Anoka County and are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of being homeless due to mental health issues, Rise can assist. Services include:

  • Independent Living Skills training
  • Homelessness outreach and emergency services
  • Family homelessness prevention and assistance services
  • Affordable housing resources
  • HOME rental subsidies
  • Locating safe and affordable housing for individuals and families
  • Housing with support services (Anoka County)
  • Transitional housing
  • Crisis assistance



Rise offers day programming and vocational services specifically designed for people who have traumatic or acquired brain injuries, ages 18 and older. Services include:

Brain Injury Connection : Exploring Vocational and Employment Opportunities

Adult Day Program which is a  social and recreational program for those with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

Brigid Alseth, 612.775.2286; email:balseth@rise.org

Structured Day Program: Therapeutic Behavioral Programming



Funding for these programs typically comes from Minnesota Rehab Services, Medicaid waiver programs (TBI or CADI), workers’ compensation, or county social services, or the services are self-paid. Rise staff are knowledgeable in reimbursement systems and will work closely with individuals and families to identify payment options.

Service Restrictions:

Helpful Contact People:
Intake Coordinator 763-783-2813
For the Pathways for Refugees program contact Truc Pham at 612.872.7720 or tpham@rise.org.

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