Student Clubs and Organizations

Minneapolis Community and Technical College 1501 Hennepin Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55403

The Asian Student Association meets weekly. Contact: Ninh Phan 612-659-6745

International Student Association helps new incoming students get oriented to MN and the U.S.Contact: Kevin Kujawa, 612-659-6705

Muslim Student Association Contact: Lamya Al-Mas, 612-659-4094

Oromo Students Association  Contact: John Heinrichs 612-659-6144

Somali Student Association offers  peer support, cultural activities and community outreach. Contact: Jamal Adam, 612-659-6742

Normandale Community College 9700 France Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55431-4399

Ethiopian Student Union  Contact:  Howard Odor (952) 487-8194

Eritrean Student Association  Contact: Irma Salazar 952-487-7122

Muslim Student Association Facilitates the needs of Muslims on campus allowing them to practice the religion of Islam. Advisor: Willie Johnson, 952-487-8363

Oromo Student Union  Advisor: Howard Odor(952) 487-8194

Somali Student Association Advisor: Howard Odor (952) 487-8194

Students and the Middle East Contact: Phil Lowry 952-487-7139

Century Community College 3300 Century Ave. N, White Bear Lake, MN 55115                 Asian Student Association: Open to anyone. Assists Asian students and offers opportunities to plan a fashion/talent show, craft fair and Halloween Dance. Helpful Contact: Edward Xiong 779-3357, E.1411

Intercultural Club: Members participate in a variety of social and educational activities. Helpful Contact: Rosie DeBose 651-779-5753, W.3073

Muslim Student Association: Members celebrate and educate on the Muslim faith. Helpful Contact: Mary Beth O’Halloran 651-779-3256, W.1112

Inver Hills Community College 2500 East 80th Street, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

Asian Pacific Group: Asian Pacific Club was founded to help inform IHCC students about Asian cultures. All are welcome. Helpful Contact: Sarah Doman-Flygare 651-450-3733

Asian Subcontinent Club: The Asian Subcontinent Club works to represent the sub continental Asian community, Which includes countries such as Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Helpful Contact: Nichelle Bottko 651-450-3733

Ethiopian Student Association: To create a sense of belonging among Ethiopian and Ethiopian American Students while educating Inver Hills Community College faculty, staff, and students about the unique history and culture of Ethiopia. Helpful Contact: Woubejig Shiferaw 651-450-3595

Muslim Student Club: The mission of the Muslim Student Club is to educate the Inver Hills community about the religion of Islam and its culture. Helpful Contact: Student Life at 651-450-3530

Somali Student Club: To welcome new Somali students to IHCC and assist with their adjustment to life on campus. To promote awareness and encourage the involvement of the IHCC/Somali community. Helpful Contact: Julie Benolken 651-450-3622

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