Thea Lee MA, LMFT (CA), Somatic Experience Practitioner

Thea Lee is a Somatic Experience Practitioner specializing in somatic healing of traumas, provider selfcare, and yoga for mind-body awareness. She is also the coordinator for professional SE training in St. Paul. Prior to moving to Minnesota 2.5 years ago, she has worked in settings including a non-profit rape crisis center, a county juvenile hall, and a state prison for women.

 SE (Somatic Experience) is unique because it has a dual goal of relieving the symptoms of trauma AND increasing people’s resiliency and capacity for experiencing life in its full depth and scope. We are born with the potential to cultivate the ability to suffer, rejoice, love and be loved fully without becoming overwhelmed or developing trauma symptoms. However, stress and trauma during childhood and adolescence often prevents us from thoroughly developing this resiliency. SE works to relieve trauma symptoms AND increase resiliency.


“Somatic” means “of the body”. Somatic Experience® (SE) is a body-focused approach to understanding and healing the effects of stress and trauma.SE is different from talk therapy, bodywork or energy healing.

For more information on SE and Thea Lee :

Saint Paul/Minneapolis, MN 55114 Tel: 651-319-2110

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