Jan Jirak, MA, LP, SEP

Jan Jirak is a Psychologist with more than 10 years’ experience who specializes in the healing of trauma, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), anxiety or fears, and relationship issues.  She uses EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), cognitive-behavioral therapy, Somatic Experiencing (a body and mind approach), and guided imagery.

“What is Somatic Experiencing® (SE)?

Somatic Experiencing® is a body-awareness approach to trauma being taught throughout the world. It is the result of over forty years of observation, research, and hands-on development by Dr. Levine. Based upon the realization that human beings have an innate ability to overcome the effects of trauma, Somatic Experiencing has touched the lives of many thousands. SE® restores self-regulation, and returns a sense of aliveness, relaxation and wholeness to traumatized individuals who have had these precious gifts taken away. Peter has applied his work to combat veterans, rape survivors, Holocaust survivors, auto accident and post surgical trauma, chronic pain sufferers, and even to infants after suffering traumatic births.”  (Retrieved from:  http://www.traumahealing.com/somatic-experiencing/index.html on 08/10/2010)


314 Clifton Avenue, Suite#106                                                                                                                                     Minneapolis, MN 55403

Tel:  952-314-5400

Accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medica insurances

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