Progressive Individual Resources, Inc.

Progressive Individual Resources, Inc.

992 South Robert Street, Suite 400

West St. Paul, Minnesota 55118

Contact: 651-222-6567

Description of Services: “Our mission is to provide comprehensive culturally competent behavioral health services of support that meet the needs of the individual clients and families that we serve.  Progressive Individual Resources Inc. (PIR) is a non-profit social and behavioral health organization.  We are licensed by the Minnesota State Department of Human Services, to provide services to families, caregivers to children, youth and adults – 18 years and over – with severe emotional disturbances, behavioral challenges and developmental disabilities.”

Some services include in-home family support for children with SED, providing children rehabilitative services through Children Therapeutic Services of Supports, respite services for SED children/youth, short-term transition living arrangements for juvenile delinquent youths, ARMHS, and much more.

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