East African Social Center

Adult Day Care Program
1821 University Avenue West
Suite 196
St. Paul, MN 55104
Tel: 651-646-1006
Fax: 651-328-5537

Description of services: The East African Social Center (EASC) is an East African culturally specific day care in Ramsey County. The center is tailored to meet the  needs of East Africans, taking into consideration their culture, life experiences and their religion. Participants are involved in socialization, exercise and provided a meal.

Other services offered are:
Activities such as classes, field trips, cultural games.
Round trip transportation from the client’s home to the center
Nursing assessments and RN visits once a month
Praying rooms
Exercise programs (separate rooms for male and female)
Showers or bath (optional and as needed)
Assistance with other social services like reading mail, setting appointments and assistance with public assistance forms.

Language: Oromo, Amharic, Somali, Arabic

MA (Medicaid)
An assessment is required

Bicultural staff:  East African; Oromo, Ethiopian and Somali

Geographical or other service restrictions: Clients must be on Medical Assistance Waiver and have an assessed need for adult day care. Call the county you reside to request an assessment.

Barriers to accessing services: Must be 65 Years Plus, If not 65, must have a documented disability (receiving SSI)

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