Minnehaha Adult Daycare Service Center, Inc.

2515 East 26th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Tel: 612-722-5295
Cell: 952-818-0570
Fax: 612-722-2671
Email: imohamed13@hotmail.com
Executive Director: Idiris H. Mohamed

Description of services:

An adult daycare for Somali seniors. It meets all city, county, state and federal regulations and services include: ·
a) Daily activities; games, crafts, exercise, ESL classes, discussions, etc..
b) Companionship and socialization
c) Nutritious meals at noon and morning snacks
d) Medication administration by RN
e) Health monitoring by nurses
f) Assistance with personal care
g) Individual care plans
h) Transportation options
i) Flexible daytime and evening hours
j) Referral and information services

This resource is available for those 65+, or 18+ if they are disabled. At the moment, they are only servicing the Somali population with this qualification, but are open to expanding to serve other groups as well. Should another group want to access this resource, the agency would want a group of at least 10 individuals so that they would be able to hire the appropriate staff and also provide a socialization group.

Language/translation: Somali and Oromo

Payment/Cost: Individuals should provide state ID, proof of legal status in this country, and proof that they have health insurance (any insurance cards in the state)

Bicultural staff: Somali staff

Service Restrictions: Easy to get to, safe neighborhood

Individuals with mental illness that require intensive supervision and treatments can not access the service because of state and federal regulations.

Barriers to accessing services: Age, language

Helpful Contact People: The Executive Director, Idiris H. Mohamed, he is very welcoming and helpful.

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