Dr. Lodhi Khan, PhD, LP

Dr. Mohammed Lodhi Khan works at CUHCC clinic, 2001 Bloomington Ave. S., Minneapolis MN 55404.

612-638-0700 is CUHCC’s general line to make appointments.

Currently, Dr. Khan is only accepting internal referrals of patients who are receiving services at CUHCC.

CUHCC accepts patients with any insurance or no insurance. CUHCC also has on-site interpreters in Cambodian, English, Hmong, Lao, Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese. Other languages are available by request, such as Oromo, Amharic, Thai and French.

Has much experience working cross culturally and with interpreters. Makes use of medical and legal clinic and case worker services at CUHCC as necessary in his services.

Does not work with children, and refers to coworker for testing for disability.

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