Family Community Partnership-Ramsey County

The Family & Community Partnership (FCP)  is a program for low income families who are at risk for child abuse/neglect. This might include refugee families where there is family violence, alcohol/drug abuse, or families so overwhelmed that case workers are concerned about the well-being of the children.

The program contracts with community organizations and some of these have staff that speak the following languages:  Karen, Amharic, Spanish and Hmong.  If a family is eligible to participate in FCP and speak one of the above languages, a referral will be made to that specific agency for services.  If the family speaks a different language other than the ones listed above the agency will request interpreter services.

To apply, an application should be completed and faxed to 651-266-7751. When FCP social workers meet with the family initially, there will be paperwork to review and sign.  The FCP social workers do not provide case management services.  A referral will be made to one of the community agencies that contract with Ramsey County and a case manager will work with the family

To get an application, contact Naomi Chavez at 651-266-7785 or Naomi.Chavez@CO.RAMSEY.MN.US

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