Being a refugee is hard. Refugees may have experienced frightening, sad or stressful events in their past that has caused them to be refugees.  Leaving one’s own country and resettling in a new country is highly stressful. It is important that  refugees stay strong in body, mind, heart and  spirit as they work to resettle and adjust to this new culture.

This database provides information about services, programs, activities and places that can help a refugee when he/she has emotional, psychological or spiritual healing needs. It is intended to be used by anyone serving refugees. Download a PDF of service providers or search this on-line directory.

There are three ways for you to find the healing resources you need:

1. Categories of healing resources are located at the top of this page. Click on a category or hover over its name for a list of subcategories of resources.

2. Tags. On the right you see a list of descriptive words called tags, which describe symptoms that you might see, complaints, or other problems. The larger the font of a tag name, the more posts are included under it.

3.  Search. In the box at the top right you can type in a word to search and retrieve a list of healing resources.

At the bottom of the pages that describe specific resources, there is a space to add your comments. Please add any new or updated information you find out. If you had a great experience or can share the name of a very helpful individual within the organization, please add this comment. If you did not have a good experience, please add this comment. This database will only be helpful to refugee healing if it reflects the real experiences that they have with the healing resource. Resources will be added on an on-going basis and reviewed for current information. SO KEEP COMING BACK FOR MORE HEALING RESOURCES!

Thank you for participating in the ongoing effort to identify and use healing resources, and to identify the gaps that need to be filled in order to meet the healing resource needs of refugees.

A special thanks to Aryca Myers for working diligently to develop this database. Also thank you to The Refugee Healing Resources Group Fall 2009 for doing the initial research.

This service is brought to you by Minnesota Council of Churches Refugee Services.

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