Psychological Trauma

Terrible events cause human beings to feel terrible.  Sometimes, even though a terrible event has ended, people continue to suffer from their unseen wounds.

These terrible feelings might include: thinking too much about the bad things that happened, feeling pressure about the past, not being able to feel safe even thought the danger is over, feeling frightened and distrustful of others, having trouble feeling calm/feeling to jittery, difficulty sleeping, nightmares, hearing noises, or avoiding anything that might cause a person to remember or re-experience the feelings related to the traumatic event.

To heal from a terrible experience, people need: to teach their mind and body to be alarmed no more, to have faith and believe that they are safe/no longer in danger, to feel connected to a community of people they trust, to think about and talk about the terrible experience without becoming upset again, to feel confident in their ability to cope with life’s difficulties, to think about their terrible experience in a way that no longer upsets them.

Healing from trauma requires many different healing resources. Below are listed a number of different ways to heal. People usually need to use many different healing resources to recover from trauma including physical therapies, mental therapies, healing spaces, embodied psychotherapy, community resources for empowerment (to feel safe again), movement therapies (to calm the body), and art therapies (for expression).

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