Day 2: Refugee Mental Health in Minnesota

This training will provide clinicians with an experiential overview of the resettlement process in MN, including: What resources and services are actually available to refugees? What are the psychological and adjustment challenges faced by refugee groups that are arriving in MN? How does trauma impact adjustment? How is psychological distress expressed cross culturally? What should clinicians know and consider when working with a newly arrived refugee or a refugee that has been in MN for a longer period of time?

Registration fees: $150 through August 29, $175 after August 29. We cannot hold your spot until we receive payment. Please click here to be redirected to the MCC Refugee Services webpage for more information and to register.


1. Vanishing into the Hills of Burma Traditional Karen Medicine

2. Communication Guide – All Cultures

3. Burmese Health Beliefs

4. Bhutanese Refugees in the Bay Area

5. Best Practices – Somali Family Mental Support

6. Community Strategies for Healing War Trauma – The Bhutanese Refugee Experience

7. HELPS — Brain Injury Assessment tool

8. Witness to Political Violence article– Weingarten

9. Resources for Burmese Refugees

10. Faltering US Refugee Protection

11. Domestic Violence in Refugee Families

12. Exposure to violence and PTSD symptoms among Somali women

13. Glossary of Refugee-related terms

14. Cultural Profile– Bhutanese Refugees

15. Refugee Mental Health Study — Fazel

16. Refugee Films and Books


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