At MCC Refugee Services we work with a marvelous team of case managers, employment counselors, program directors, AmeriCorps members, outreach coordinators, and volunteers to extend an abundant welcome to refugees to Minnesota. We couldn’t do what we do without the generous involvement of volunteers who come alongside individuals and families during their first months in Minnesota. This website is for you.

Here, you will find information and links to resources your refugee family may need access to during their first few months in Minnesota. As a volunteer, you may be helping with transportation, community orientation, English practice, and connecting to resources. Here is where you can come for common site directions, phone numbers, and website links.

We are so thankful for your partnership with us! Remember, you are never solely responsible for a refugee family’s success or failure in this country. You come alongside them as a friend and support, in partnership with MCC Refugee Services. The Volunteer Coordinator and/or the family’s case manager should be consulted before making any decisions for the family. Keep us updated, ask lots of questions, and always know that we are here to support you, too!

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