Health Care

The resources listed here provide assistance in finding low-cost/affordable health care, including dental care. Volunteers are expected to only help with occasional transportation to health care appointments, upon the request of the volunteer coordinator. Scheduling appointments or arrangements made with health care professionals will be handled by MCC Refugee Services, not volunteers. These resources are here ONLY  in case of an emergency or urgent-care need.

Click on the following titles for other resources:

Clinics & Dentists
Hospitals in Refugee Neighborhoods

Portico Healthnet

Portico helps clients determine which health care programs they may be eligible for, and then assists them in the application process. If a client does not have eligibility through one of Minnesota’s programs, Portico’s Healthnet Program offers services as well.

Web Site
2610 University Avenue West, Suite 550
Saint Paul, MN
Google Maps

Children’s Defense Fund – Minnesota

The Children’s Defense Fund has a low cost health care directory. Presently, it is not updated, but it will be a great resource to find listings for affordable medical, dental, or mental health services.


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