Metro Transit

Learning to take the bus is a vital skill for life in the Twin Cities without (and even with!) a car. Metro Transit buses and light rail travel nearly everywhere in the Twin Cities area. As a volunteer, you play an important role in helping families learn how to use public transportation. Sometimes you’ll even learn together! Learning the routes to schools, MCC Refugee Services, the County Offices, ESL Class, and other important locations make all the difference for a family in achieving independence and integration in the community. Thank you!

For information about various bus and transit fares and passes, Click Here.

This page has a PDF system map in the center, with “Trip Planner” available on the right. To use Trip Planner, type in the beginning and ending address.

If you are planning a future trip for a refugee, you can specify a date and time in the future. The default setting is for Trip Planner to give you the earliest trip from the present time.

Clicking on “More Options” at the bottom of the Trip Planner section allows you to specify the acceptable walking distance between transfers (if applicable) as well as choosing more/fewer transfers. These choices, though not required, allow you to specify your trip according to the refugees’ needs, abilities, and remaining bus card balance!

Buses to MCC Office

Routes 2, 17, 18

Google Maps is also a great trip-planning resource for car, bus, lightrail, walking, and bikes!

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