About Refugees

Refugees are people who have fled their home countries because of persecution based on their identity–race, religion, ethnicity, membership in a social group, or political opinion. They are unable to return to their homes because they would face further persecution. Refugees resettled in the United States come by invitation of the US Department of State and have a direct path to US citizenship.  They are authorized to work and remain in the US indefinitely.

Minnesota is an important state for refugee resettlement, and has resettled more than 90, 000 refugees since 1970.  Today, most refugee arrivals to Minnesota are from Burma, Somalia, Ukraine, and Dem. Rep. of Congo.  Refugees are survivors who bring hope and invaluable life experience to Minnesota.

For more information about refugees, visit the UNCHR website. You can also learn more about the US Resettlement Program from the Department of State.

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