Computer Donation Program Endures

If you have ever searched for a job in the United States you know how long and exhausting the process can be. You probably used a computer to search for jobs, create your resume, write a cover letter, and possibly to fill out online job applications. In fact, a computer could arguably be one of the most important tools in your job search. Can you imagine how different the process might be if you had never used a computer before and didn’t have one of your own to use?

For refugees coming to America this is often the case. Not having a computer at home can greatly slow down the job-seeking process and make it more difficult to become computer literate.

Thanks to RenovoData Services and their CEO Frank Gustafson, 12 refugee families enrolled in MCC Employment Services will receive their own computer for their home!

MCC Refugee Services formerly had a partnership with a small computer recycling company that generously offered to donate one computer a month for a year to refugees who were seeking employment. Six months into the program, the company was sold RenovoData Services and Frank graciously agreed to donate the remaining six computers. We are incredibly thankful to RenovoData Services for their commitment to not only fulfilling the agreement but doubling it with a donation of 12 computers.

Each month we will give one of the donated computers to a refugee family, provide them with an orientation on using the computer, and invite them to take our new Computer Literacy class. Having a computer at home will allow refugees to enhance their job search and climb the career ladder long after they are done working with MCC Refugee Services. It also will provide their children with extra resources to excel in school.

Thank you again to RenovoData Services and Frank Gustafson for making all of this possible!

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