Curl Up with a Good Book–for a Cause!

As the temperature begins to drop, the coziness of a warm blanket and a soft couch start to sound more and more attractive. The beginning of fall means we can drink hot tea again and pull out our favorite sweaters. Instead of switching on the television, why not cuddle up with a good book? MCC Refugee Services has just the book for you—This Much I Can Tell You: Stories of Courage and Hope from Refugees in Minnesota. Published in June, this collection of personal refugee stories is sure to capture your attention and keep it. These are refugee journey stories told in the own words of 18 men and women from around the world—one of the few books of its kind. This is a rare chance to hear refugees’ stories in their own voices. It’s hard to put down a book that draws you into the joys and sorrows of a human being’s struggle for survival.

But don’t stop there! Get a group of friends to join you in reading the book, and gather together in your living room or favorite coffee shop to discuss the themes and issues you discovered as you read. It’s amazing what you can learn from other people’s reactions to often difficult and  hopeful stories. To help guide the discussion, we encourage you to download our book discussion guide. When you finish the book, please take a moment to complete our short survey. We want to know how the book impacted you.

Buying this book, or encouraging a friend to read it, will help us keep the book in print. The more copies we’re able to print, the more people we will introduce to these remarkable individuals who now call Minnesota home. We hope that introducing readers to the refugee situation abroad and in our own neighborhoods will inspire greater awareness, involvement, and advocacy for this particularly vulnerable and resilient community.

We hope This Much I Can Tell You will find a place in your home this fall. You can buy it online from Beaver’s Pond Books. If you’re planning to use the book for a book club or church group, send an email to to receive a coupon code for a discount!

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