Dear Santa…

As the holiday season approaches, we thought we’d share some of our wishes with you. Please feel free to share this wish list with your family and friends, and add a few items to your holiday shopping list!
Dear Santa,
As Refugee Services helps welcome new refugees to Minnesota, we set up new homes for many families who arrive with just a bag or two of their most precious belongings. That means, we need lots of household items every year. Here are some of the things we need the most right now:
- hand towels
- slotted spoons
- kitchen knives
- can openers
- measuring cups/spoons
- pitchers
- tea pots

Some of these things might be a little harder to fit in your sleigh, but here are some of the other items our staff wish for this year…

- Public information and signage in Karen and Burmese
- More culturally-relevant food shelves
- More people and places that see cultural knowledge and language capacities as an asset to their life and work
-More GREAT property owners who see the value of renting to newly arrived families

Thank you!

Refugee Services

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