Displacement in Syria

By 2014, latest analysis estimates that 7 million inhabitants of Syria will be displaced and 10 million will need medical aid.  This link will show a picture of one of the rapidly set up refugee camps of 160,000. 

To get an idea of the scope of this current crisis, in 2011, the estimate of refugees worldwide was a total of 15.4 million.  Of those 15.4 million, less than a 1/2 percent is resettled into another country in any given year.  Of those resettled, the US is the destination for the most resettled refugees.  In 2013, President Obama and congress agreed to resettle 70,000 refugees, and for the first time in 33 years, we are hitting that exact ceiling of 70,000 this year.

We don’t know what resettlement will look like for refugees out of Syria.  Ideally, people can return home, and the next option is for their new home, where they have fled to, to become legally and sustainably possible.  It usually takes many years of life in a refugee camp before the UN and governments decide to deem resettlement to a third country necessary.  In sum, we only get to welcome a small fraction of people who have come a long ways to start life anew, and for many this is at least for the second time.

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