Garden Update

From the archives: April 25, 2011

A lot has been happening with the gardens lately!

We recently learned that the owner of the apartment complex at Birmingham and Burns has decided to put it up for sale.   We don’t know when it will sell or if the property management company will change, which has made it hard to plan the garden.   Right now, we are waiting to find out what is happening with the sale, and trying to connect the interested families with other gardening options.    World Relief Minnesota, another refugee resettlement agency, is working to connect Karen families with community gardens at churches.

Now, the good news!  We are working with the District Two Community Council on a new community garden for both refugee families and neighbors.   The garden is located on a piece of vacant land right next to an apartment complex where many refugee families live.   The District Two Community Council already sponsors two very successful community gardens in the neighborhood, and they have been very helpful in spreading the word to neighbors, arranging for garden compost, dealing with liability insurance and water, and much more.  We are very grateful to be working with them!  The International Institute, another refugee resettlement agency, has also been helping spread the word about the garden among the refugee families in the building.   There are Iraqi, Karen, and Ethiopian families living in the apartments, and we hope we will see them out in the garden soon!

So far, we have had one meeting about the new District Two garden, and we are planning a garden “Dig Up Day” and plot sign up on May 7th.   All interested neighbors are invited to come out and help get the garden started!

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