Refugee Speakers Bureau

The Refugee Speakers Bureau is a group of talented speakers who came to MN as refugees and asylees, and who were resettled by MCC Refugee Services.  After completing our Public Speaking Skills course, they volunteer their time to share their own journeys of tragedy and hope with churches and community groups.  Speakers are accompanied by staff from MCC Refugee Services for presentations of varying length.

These remarkable individuals give audiences a personal window into their refugee experience and help audiences to better understand global issues and refugee communities here in MN.


“I want to thank both of you for offering your time to come and speak to our class.  It is one thing to read articles about refugees and workers.  It is a lot more meaningful to have someone come in and talk about their real life experiences.  By you coming and talking to our class it completely changed my perspective of how I viewed refugees and what they go through.” (a note received from a student at the University of MN)


For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact: OR 612.230.3219

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