Getting Connected through Simple Acts of Caring

     It is amazing the kind of connections people can make when they care.  Caring and advocacy go hand-in-hand, and when all else falls apart, love covers over a multitude of faults.  Recently, one of our co-sponsors shared a few examples of how she and her team cared for one of our new refugee families.  Generally, her descriptions about the resilience, problem-solving ability and tenacity of her family has provided inspiration for many on our team here at MCC Refugee Services.

    The Alma family had gotten close to Sharon (perhaps riding around with the convertible-top down helped).  In this season of Ramadan, many Muslims are fasting from sun-up to sun-down, and to help pass some of the time, Sharon started reading a story to the siblings.  Sharon read from the great storybook of Harry Potter.  She also insisted that one of the brothers, Ahmed, watch the words she was tracing as she read.  All the siblings listened intently.  One of the sisters, Sagal briefly went to the kitchen and returned with a salad for Sharon.  Embarrassed, Sharon exclaimed ‘how can I possibly eat while you are fasting!’  Sagal responded ‘if you cannot eat in front of us, we are weak, but we are strong Sharon, we are strong.’

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