Help Families Take Root in Minnesota

Taking Root is gearing up for a new fall season! As a member of a Taking Root team you have an exciting chance to develop a relationship with a new refugee family from the moment they arrive in Minnesota. We’ve learned through experience that a diverse team of people committed to coming alongside a family greatly increases their ability to transition to self-sufficiency. We invite you to become a part of this experience!

As a Taking Root team member you get an intimate look into the resettlement process as you journey with a refugee family for their first four months in Minnesota. In the first few weeks team members provide a warm welcome by setting up the apartment, greeting the family at the airport, and visiting the family to see how they are adjusting to their new home. Friendships are formed as volunteers practice English while learning some of the family’s language too. As one volunteer noted, “When I started picking up a few Somali words, how that opened up communication!” As volunteers assist the family with transportation to important appointments they play a vital role in connecting them with public resources. Visits to the local library, grocery store, and cultural centers like a Somali mall introduce the family to long-term support.

Many volunteers are excited to witness the first-hand growth that families experience as they become more familiar with their new community. One team member commented, “[I found it rewarding] getting to know the family and to understand the circumstances they came from.  It was fulfilling to accomplish our landmarks: school enrollment, setting up assistance & health insurance, [and] helping them with transportation independence.” We are excited to hear stories like this since helping refugees become self-sufficient is always our goal. Team members visit the family less often toward the end of the relationship in the transition to greater independence. With a warm smile committed volunteers like you encourage refugees to learn new skills that make a huge difference as they become more self-sufficient.

Whether you are new to volunteering with us or have been a longtime supporter of MCC Refugee Services, we would love to have you join a team. Contact Jennifer at to learn how you can be a part of a great team experience. Attend an upcoming Volunteer Orientation on October 3rd or November 7th to learn more about Taking Root and other individual volunteer opportunities.

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