Second Workday-Gardens Grow!

From the archives: June 7, 2011

Both gardens held workdays recently – the Neighbor Garden had a planting day a few weeks ago, and all the gardeners came out to plant seedlings and help a volunteer group from a local church put up a fence.   The garden looks great (more pictures soon!)

The District 2/Flandrau garden also had a workday on Saturday.   We were finally able to hook up the water (just in time for this hot weather!) and we all planted tomatoes together.   We also put up some fencing that was left over from the Neighbor Garden – it wasn’t quite enough, so if anyone has extra fencing to donate we would appreciate it!  We have another workday planned for Saturday, so we’ll take pictures then!

A big thank you to World Relief Minnesota, another local refugee resettlement agency that is also working on connecting refugee families with gardens.   They recently gave a donation to the Refugee Garden Project, which let us buy hoses, fence posts, and help provide some scholarships for families in the D2 community garden.   Thanks also to Sandy, who donated a tool storage shed to the Neighbor Garden, and Wendy, who donated tomato seedlings to both gardens.  The families would love more seedlings, so if you’re a gardener who started too many seeds this year please let us know.   Thank you!

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