Spring Sprucing: Cleaning supplies needed to welcome new refugee families

After the bitter chill of winter, Mae Lay Mu is ready to throw the windows wide open in her apartment and feel the fresh air infuse her home. Mae Lay Mu arrived in Minnesota with her husband and children during January and felt cooped up in their new home. Now that the weather is warming and birds are singing, Mae Lay Mu is ready for a change.

She loves her new apartment but realized that the dirt and winter road salt had left her home gritty and in need of a spring cleaning. Determined to get her home looking and feeling as fresh as the weather outside, Mae Lay Mu set to work with her broom, all-purpose cleaner, vinegar, baking soda, bucket, and cleaning rags, all provided by generous donors to MCC Refugee Services.

Can you help a new refugee like Mae Lay Mu spruce up their new home for the spring? We are in need of cleaning “kits” which include a bucket, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, small box of baking soda, vinegar, sponges, cleaning rags, detergent, and a broom. Can you provide some or all of these items for newly arriving refugee families? Donations can be brought to the Minnesota Church Center at 122 West Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, 55408. Questions? Contact Green Bouzard at 612-230-3249 or at green.bouzard@mnchurches.org.

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