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A Friend Like You

Have you or someone you’ve known ever lived abroad for an extended period of time? If so, you know that the adventure was both exciting and at times lonely.  Learning a new language, engaging foreign customs, and attempting to navigate complex city transportation can be intimidating.  Living with a host family or becoming friends with a local can make all the difference in bolstering your courage to try new things.  Refugees who come to live in Minnesota face similar situations.  Four families are coming to Minnesota in the next month who are in need of a friend like you.  Please consider becoming a Volunteer Befriender for one of these families. The need is immediate and specific. The first week of December a Karen father and his 18 year old son are arriving and will be living in St. Paul.  The father was a farmer in Burma before his family fled … Continue reading

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Befriending Paw Moo: A Guest Volunteer Post

Refugee resettlement simply would not be possible without the support of dedicated volunteers like Pang. Herself an immigrant, Pang was looking for a way to give back to the community by helping others adjust to life in Minnesota. Read on to hear the heartwarming story of the friendship that has developed between Pang and her new refugee friend, Paw Moo*. My name is Pang and I’m a Befriender to Paw Moo. Paw Moo and I have been working together to help her have an easier time adjusting to her new life here in Minnesota for about one month now. I visit her twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays. Paw Moo lives with her son in a one bedroom apartment. On my first meeting with Paw Moo, I observed that she is very talkative and funny. Paw Moo said that she likes to make new friends and meet new people … Continue reading

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