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Gratitude and Respect

I have so much respect and admiration for church co-sponsors. That may not be surprising coming from someone who spends most of her time trying to recruit co-sponsors, but it’s true. Co-sponsorship isn’t always easy, but few truly worthwhile experiences are. It takes courage to choose to befriend a new refugee family you’ve never met.  Just the first step—meeting a family at the airport, who may not speak your language, can be outside one’s comfort zone. Besides the potential awkwardness of meeting someone new, co-sponsorship is an emotional experience.  It’s difficult to watch people you care about face barriers as they work towards becoming established. But, that vulnerability also opens you up to the possibility of being changed and receiving the gifts that refugees have to offer. It’s the relationship that leads to more welcoming and just communities. “People view hospitality as quaint and tame partly because they do not … Continue reading

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