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We take one computer, then open…Fantastic!

Every year MCC Refugee Services provides Employment assistance to about 150 refugees and asylees. Each of those individuals hopes to become self-sufficient as soon as possible but the search for a job is not easy. Recently, we’ve found that volunteering provides refugees a great opportunity to gain helpful US work experience, practice their English skills, and give back to their new community. In September 2011, we connected with a relatively new non-profit called Free Geek Twin Cities . Free Geek’s mission is two pronged: 1) to decrease electronic waste by recycling or refurbishing used donated computers and 2) to provide computers and computer education to people in the community who otherwise cannot access them. Our main goal for refugees who volunteer is for them to gain US work experience but the six refugees and asylees who have begun volunteering at Free Geek have gained so much more. Afia* came to … Continue reading

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