This is YOUR chance to welcome a refugee!

This month, Hussein Yusuf and his daughter finally arrived in Minneapolis after waiting 12 years to be resettled. Refugees often have to wait many years for a chance to resettle in another country, and the process is long and complex. There are lots families around the world who have finally completed that process this spring, so we’re expecting many vulnerable families to be arriving in Minnesota this summer and fall.

Even before Hussein and his daughter got their first flight, MCC Refugee Services staff and volunteers were busy making their new apartment into a home. Like Hussein, refugee families arriving this summer will be starting from scratch, and in order to abundantly welcome them into our community, MCC Refugee Services needs YOUR help. We are in sincere need of the following items to prepare for the large number of refugees we are expecting through the rest of the year:

• Pillows
• Blankets/comforters
• Unscratched pots and pans
• Plastic and glass food storage with lids

Can you help us spread the word? Ask your friends, family, neighbors, and congregation to keep an eye out for items at garage sales. Hold a donations drive at your church or with your community group. Host a lemonade stand and take your kids to Goodwill to buy items with their proceeds. Every little bit helps us offer an abundant welcome and hope to newly arriving refugees!

Contact Green at or 612-230-3249 to set up a time to drop off your donations and learn about more items needed for families.

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