Waking Up for Work

On the days that he has work, Tek, wakes up at 2:00am to prepare food for his lunch. “I take a long time in the kitchen,” he said. At5:00am he catches a bus near his apartment, transfers to a second bus, and then walks to work just in time for his 6:00 am shift.

Just getting there is a lot of work, but Tek is extremely happy to have his job. He arrived to the U.S. as a refugee from Bhutan with an optimistic attitude about his future in Minnesota and an unparalleled eagerness to start working. He took advantage of the resources offered by MCC Refugee Services including job readiness workshops, mock interviews, and assistance with job applications.

Finally, he secured a position packing tomatoes with a local produce company. After the initial challenges of learning a new job, Tek reports that it is going very well- he’s even made friends with other team members on his shift. Despite speaking different languages, they’ve been able to communicate through sign language.

Even though his days begin very early, Tek is so excited and full of hope for the future. After waiting for ten years in a refugee camp and then encountering the difficulties of finding a job without U.S. work experience, he is finally on his way to building a new life for his family.

You can share in the success of newly-arrived refugees as they begin their lives in Minnesota. Sign up for a volunteer orientation or bring in some crucial household items for new families today! For more details, check out our website, email rsvolunteers@mnchurches.org, or call 612-230-3219.

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