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Co-CEO Statement on Holy Land

I have been to Palestine and Israel five times since 2006. During the first days after the shocking and horrific attack by Hamas on civilians in Israel, I paused from making a statement out of respect for Jewish-led processes of grief. Soon civilians in Gaza and the West Bank were also under attack. I keep thinking about the PEOPLE of the Holy Land.


Year-Before-Election-Day Communion: November 5, 2023

One person giving another person what looks like an "I voted" sticker, but the close-up of the sticker reads "Election Day Communion" instead

Since 2012 churches have been practicing communion on election day. In 2023 congregations have a unique opportunity: Sunday, November 5 is exactly one year before Election Day 2024. Given the disinformation and division the United States faced in 2020, the development of new AI technologies being used to activate our anger, the reduction of barriers to hate speech on social media, and the accelerated "great sort" in many communities brought on in the COVID era next year's elections could be more rancorous - and find followers of Jesus more divided - than ever.

March on Washington Anniversary

Rev. Jim Bear Jacobs, Co-Director of Racial Justice, and Racial Justice Administrative Assistant Phoebe McGowan in front of the MCC table in the Capitol Rotunda

MCC’s Racial Justice Program celebrated the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington at the Minnesota Capital on Monday, August 28th, with Beacon Housing Interfaith Collaborative. The event focused on housing disparities in the Twin Cities: Still Marching for Housing Justice. Several other community organizations were present, including Mother St. James AME Church, SEIU African American Caucus (AFRAM), Sakan Community Resource, Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, and Wayman AME Church.

Broke and Woke

Our CEO and Minnesota's Attorney General have both released books about their leadership in two sectors of Minnesota - faith and law - in the aftermath of George Floyd's murder. Join them for a brown-bag lunch and public conversation about their books in August!

Please bring your own lunch and questions for the authors. Every person who donates $40 or more will receive a copy of each book as a thank-you gift. Your donation of at least $40 will help to cover the cost of the books and other refreshments.

Correcting USA Today

Since 2012 Minnesota Council of Churches has equipped faith and other communities to manage conflict and depolarize arguments with Respectful Conversations. Beginning out of a design partnership with the Public Conversations Project (now Essential Partners), we discovered that the structured, facilitated methodolgy we put together was a sought-after tool well after the specific  polarizing discussion Minnesotans were having in 2012.