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Statement on Killing of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center by Police

Minnesota Council of Churches Statement on Killing of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center by Police


Minneapolis, MN – (April 12, 2021) – Presiding Elder Stacey Smith (President), Rev. Dr. Curtiss Paul DeYoung (CEO), and Rev. Jim Bear Jacobs (Director of Racial Justice) of the Minnesota Council of Churches, issued this statement:


The prophet Jeremiah cried out:


A Blessed Ramadan Story

This story, stemming from a Blessed Ramadan sign, brought tears to audience members at a luncheon. It came to us from a Twin Cities Metro Area clergyperson:

Today I wasn’t home when our groceries were delivered. My husband was home.

When he answered the door, the delivery man asked, “Is that your sign?”

My husband said yes, although to be honest he most likely wouldn’t put up a sign if I weren’t here to ask him to because he likes his privacy and prefers not to draw attention.

In support of expanded mandatory reporting

In response to advocacy from a survivor of abuse which took place in a church, MCC's CEO Rev. Dr. Curtiss DeYoung sent a letter to Minnesota Representative Jamie Becker-Finn and Minnesota Senator Karla Bigham in support of HF310, which would expand the number of people who are legally considered "mandatory reporters" to include anyone employed by an organization, the programming of which includes face-to-face contact with youth.