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One Church's Reparations Story: Property Tax in Columbus, OH

Crossposted with permission from Healing Minnesota Stories Blog

It can be overwhelming for white people to acknowledge the tremendous harms their ancestors and this nation inflicted on Native American and African American communities, harms that we continue to inflict. It’s overwhelming to think about how to repair centuries of brutality, trauma and genocide.

"Seeking Justice" recorded webcast

"Seeking Justice, Caring for Community, Preparing for the Days Ahead" featured Black clergy from Minnesota and elsewhere offering advice to Minnesota churches on how to prepare for the Derek Chauvin trial. Watch Rev. Traci Blackmon (United Church of Christ), Rev. Dr. Gary Green II (United Theological Seminary), and Rev Steven Belton of the Urban League (Twin Cities).



Script notice

In 2020 Healing Minnesota Stories adapted the Sacred Sites Tour into a documentary script. That script is available to view at the Minnesota Council of Churches offices during regular business hours. If you want to read the script please make an appointment by contacting Rev. Jim Bear Jacobs.