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Help Afghan Refugees

While Minnesota Council of Churches continues to resettle individuals with refugee status, in September we also expect to receive numerous families evacuated from Afghanistan. Most will be coming to Minnesota having been granted "humanitarian parole," which means that they won't be eligible for all the same financial and program supports as refugees.


Minnesota Council of Churches Announces Merger

The Minnesota Council of Churches (MCC) announces a merger with the Minnesota Council of Churches Foundation (MCCF). MCCF will merge into Minnesota Council of Churches. The Foundation was formed in 1950 to oversee endowment funds donated in support of the ministry of the Council.


The merger process that began in 2018 became effective on March 31, 2021. This merger offers MCC the opportunity to achieve more effective business operations and streamlines fundraising efforts.


Rev. Pamela Ngunjiri will help lead the Minnesota Council of Church’s truth-telling and reparations work

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“We don’t always see the face of God in everybody’s face,” Rev. Pamela Ngunjiri tells her congregation. “And that’s the problem with racism. Somewhere along the line the humanity of that particular group has been taken away and that has to be restored.”