Refugee Sunday

Refugee Sunday is an opportunity for churches to devote a Sunday to honoring
refugees—remembering them in prayer, celebrating those refugees who have been a
part of a congregation’s life, and educating ourselves about current refugee situations.
This year’s theme for Refugee Sunday is ‘Welcoming the Stranger.’ Hospitality is a
fundamental and defining characteristic of the people of God. This year, you will find
extensive resources to help your members to delve more deeply into a conversation
about what it means to be hospitable. The resources include small group discussion
plans, quotes, sermon planning resources, scriptures, and suggested reading about

Your church’s Refugee Sunday celebration will be as unique as your congregation, and
can take a number of directions. For example, you might host a refugee speaker, offer a
special prayer or litany for refugees, or hold a donation drive for refugee families. The
resources provided by Refugee Services are yours to use and adapt to create a service
that reflects your church’s worship practices. Please give credit where it is noted in
these resources.

Church World Service Bulletin Inserts and Worship Resources

Episcopal Migration Ministries Bulletin Insert
Disciples of Christ World Refugee Day Resources

United Methodist World Refugee Day Resources
(beige box)
Letter to Congregations

Hospitality Theme Materials
- Book recommendations
- Small group discussions
- Selected quotes and scripture passages

Service Planning Materials
- Prayers and Litanies
- Sample service
- Hymns
- Scripture Passages

Publicity and Activity Materials
- Refugee Fact Sheets
- Information about the Refugee Speakers Bureau
- Activities for Children and Youth
- Publicity Information (bulletin inserts, newsletter blurbs, etc.)
- Service and Educational Projects for Church Groups

Please let us know if you choose to celebrate Refugee Sunday at your place of
worship. For any questions or comments, or to tell us about your Refugee Sunday plans,
Joo Kim

Explore additional resources offered by the Minnesota Council of Churches.

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