Excited to be here!

As you might have read in the Star Tribune, I began my tenure two weeks ago. Rev. Peg Chemberlin and I spent the week conferring and transitioning. I celebrate her 22 years of leadership at the Minnesota Council of Churches that spanned nearly 1/3 of the Council’s 70 years of work for social justice in Minnesota. She has created a significant legacy that I hope to build on. I am excited to be here. I am returning to Minnesota from Chicago where I served as Executive Director at Community Renewal Society, an ecumenical faith-based organization that worked for racial and economic justice through church-based community organizing, policy advocacy, and investigative journalism. I look forward to reconnecting with many of you as well as developing new relationships and partnerships. We must develop real unity among people of faith in order to create a powerful force for social change. I invite your support and prayers for the journey.