Recording of Shifting the Spotlight (May 25, 2023)

Minnesota Council of Churches continued its Truth and Reparations series with "Shifting the Spotlight," featuring Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III and the Sounds of Blackness (edited out for copyright reasons).

Rev. Moss' prophetic word to the audience was to "decolonize your empathy," stop seeing BIPOC people and culture as "less than," and make room for the flourishing of BIPOC imagination.


This video features Rev. Jim Bear Jacobs, Rev. Dr. DeWayne Davis, Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman, and Rev. Dr. Curtiss Paul DeYoung as well as the featured speaker. The event took place at Plymouth Congregational Church in Minneapolis on May 25, 2023 - three years after George Floyd was killed. The event concluded in time for the audience to attend a candlelight vigil in George Floyd Square.